Below are some questions which may be of assistance

What happens if I have booked a picnic or outside event and its going to rain ?

We unfortunately aren't able to refund in the event of wet weather and we find that reschedules are just too tricky for everyone. 

We always recommend you have a wet weather back up plan. We have a list of venues we work with locally that we can recommend. 

Whats your refund policy?

We are unable to refund in the event of  cancellations. We may be able to offer a credit, however this is based on a case by case basis. 

Do I need a council permit for my event?

YES on the Gold Coast

Brisbane (depending on number of guests)

Byron (yes)

Please note that Gold Coast City Council require permits for Commercial Picnic operators to set up an event.  The fines are in excess of $600 for not having a permit (for myself). We organise the permit our end to make life easier on you!
Park permits are priced between $35 - $108 permit application fee. You will only be charged this fee once the application has been approved. In the event of wet weather the permit fee cannot be refunded.
Please note a park permit does not guarantee the location will be secured for your event. Council only allow 3 hour permits which doesn't account for set up or pack up time and only cover your event time. We are not able to move any members of the public out of the park. If you do request a certain spot and you are welcome to head down and reserve it yourself prior to us arriving to set up however we can never guarantee your spot will be free.  As we are working on council land we do not have jurisdiction over this. We recommend you book a private venue if this option wont work for you. 
What about drinking in public?

Please note: It is an offence to drink alcohol or possess an open alcoholic drink in a public place. Police can issue on the spot fines from $117 for liquor offences. If you choose to purchase alcohol and drink it in public, you take whole responsibility of this offence.

How long can I have my picnic set up for?

Klara's House picnics are permitted for 3 hours only,  For private property functions this of course can be negotiated.