Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions which may be of assistance

What happens if I have booked a picnic or outside event and its going to rain ?

Argh the weather and picnics don't mix well. We like to ensure a stress free event. If it looks like its going to be bad weather and we don’t have an alternative location indoors or undercover, I will refund you your money. I just require 2 days notice to be able to provide a refund.

Whats your refund policy?

If you cancel within 60 days of the booking date I'm unable to refund you your deposit due to missed business.

Do I need a council permit for my event?

On the Gold coast, for bookings over 50 pax you will need a Social gathering permit which you can find on the GCCC website.

Due to how busy some of these parks can be we cannot always guarantee a ‘specific’ spot that you may request. Unfortunately the park runs on a first in best dressed basis and we cannot always guarantee we will be the first ones there, so we will always set up in the best available location on the day. 

If you did want to guarantee a certain spot, you can get in contact with the Gold  Coast city council to organise a permit which guarantees you an area in the park.

What about drinking in public?


Please note: It is an offence to drink alcohol or possess an open alcoholic drink in a public place. Police can issue on the spot fines from $117 for liquor offences. If you choose to purchase alcohol and drink it in public, you take whole responsibility of this offence.

How long can I have my picnic set up for?

Klara's House picnics are for 3 hours, additional hours will incur a $50 per hour fee